Our Approach

Our Objective
To deliver social, environmental impact and market rate returns.

In healthcare this means
Care and service models promoting accessibility and affordability

In Education this means
Service delivery systems across all grades of education and financing solutions to make education affordable

Our Rigorous Investment Criteria


  • Direct investment in high-quality, well-managed businesses that have the potential for transformational growth –via organic growth, operational improvement and/or acquisition

Capital Structure

  • Flexibility to invest across the capital structure and tailor the investment
  • Strategy to suit changing market conditions and invest where others cannot

Use of Capital

  • To provide liquidity for stakeholders, working capital for growth, and financing for acquisitions

Investment Size

  • Sweet spot of USD 15 – 40 million


  • An economic moat and the potential to become industry champions
  • Pre-IPO investments


  • Predictable and proven earnings


  • Favorable growth prospects

Investment Philosophy: Maximize returns while managing risk and adhering to strong corporate governance principles

Maximizing Returns

  • Sectors with strong fundamentals
  • Leveraging the Company’s network to source and access the most attractive investment opportunities
  • Investing in management teams that have demonstrated strong performance
  • Innovative and differentiated opportunities
  • Alignment to investors

Managing Risk

  • Diversification across industry sectors
  • Participation across geographies
  • Emphasis on free cash flow
  • Emphasis on per share value creation