Why Foundation Holdings?

We are a healthcare, education and consumer investment firm. Recognized in the industry for our innovative approach to investments, as well as deep experience in the healthcare, education and consumer sectors. We are committed to transforming businesses into global champions who can compete on the international stage via accelerated, bespoke growth strategies.


Our Vision

Build sustainable, industry-defining healthcare and education companies

Our Mission

  • Transform businesses into global champions by enhancing their service quality, growth trajectory and brand equity
  • • Evolve these businesses to the next level of transformational growth via an Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Advance the interests of all stakeholders in the healthcare and education ecosystems with excellence, integrity and social impact

How we immediately create value?

Foundation Holdings creates value in our portfolio companies using a 4-Pillar process centred on:

  • Corporate Governance:

    Driving day-to-day performance, organization and leadership
  • Corporate Strategy:

    Enhancing the most impactful and sustainable sources of competitive differentiation
  • Corporate Finance:

    Determining how to broaden and lower the cost of capital
  • Corporate Growth:

    Growing our market share by establishing partnerships and creating new consumer touch points in our operating businesses

Partner with Foundation Holdings:
The Region’s Leading Healthcare and Education Specialist


Foundation Holdings has been declared as the winner at the International Investor Awards 2020 for:

Health Care Investment Company of The Year & ESG Investment CEO of The Year

Best Health Care Investment Management Firm UAE (WINNER)

Most Progressive Healthcare Investment Firm UAE 2019

Responsible Business Award (Nomination) by Ethical Corporation Award

Investment Recognition Award by the UAE-India Economic Forum

Best Socio Economic Impact Investor Team, UAE, (Nomination) by cfi.co

Best Educational Investment Management Firm (Nomination) by Global Business Outlook

Most Progressive Healthcare Investment Firm, UAE by International Business Magazine